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The Bear Valley Cottage is stocked with breakfast to get your day started with some tasty and nutritious offerings.

Breakfast fixings stocked in the cottage include From the Fields granola and muesli, milk, coffee, tea, and cream. Seasonal fruit is available as well.

Coffee and Tea

Our coffee is Organic Sumatra from Masterpiece Coffee. They roast the beans in Marin and we get them straight from the roaster. We serve Mighty Leaf Tea.

Milk and Cream

We use Straus milk, it comes in the glass bottles which we return to the store. This milk comes from those happy cows that you see cruising around on the Point Reyes Peninsula. The cream for the coffee is also Straus. If you would prefer nut or soy milk, please let us know in advance.


When possible we use fruits that are grown locally, sometimes in the backyard. We use organic produce when it makes sense to do so. When something is in season, we use it!

Hankering for a more robust breakfast?

The town of Point Reyes Station boasts a few excellent breakfast spots including the Station House Café (closed Wednesday). The Bovine Bakery, or Brickmaiden Bread bakery in Point Reyes Station and Inverness Park Market in Inverness Park are also great choices for some goodies to go. Toby’s Coffee Bar right in downtown Point Reyes Station has espresso drinks and locally baked pastries.

What’s in the cottage?

  • Wifi
  • Ironing board and iron
  • Pack-n-play crib
  • Towels, blankets and sheets – all bedding including extra blankets
  • EO toiletries including body wash, shampoo, conditioner and lotion
  • Beach towels
  • Kitchen includes small fridge, two-burner stove, coffee maker and pots, pans, dishes and silverware
  • DVD player and TV (no cable TV), and a random assortment of DVDs
  • Heaters in both bedrooms as well as the livingroom and kitchen
  • Just-in-time hot water
  • Bunk bed, queen-size bed and full-size fold out couch
  • Small charcoal bbq on back deck
  • Maps, guide books, reading material and games

We are a Green Business with Electric Car Charging

The Bear Valley Cottage is a Green Business.

The parking area has a 220 powered electric car charging station in the lot for use by guests of the inn. There are additional chargers located at the Bear Valley Visitor Center down the road.

You are welcome to charge your EV or your hybrid while you are staying at the inn. As a business we are striving to have as small a footprint as possible and to provide a good experience for our guests.

In order to do this we strive to do the following things:

  • Conserve water by using drip irrigation and turning off faucets when not being used.
  • Use Energy Star appliances for laundry.
  • Use efficient light bulbs.
  • Put outdoor lights on timers to go off late in the evening.
  • Use recycled materials to build our fences and in the gardens.
  • Use eco-conscious cleaning supplies, laundry detergents and guest amenities.
  • Purchase goods locally from other locally owned and operated businesses when possible.
  • Buy items with minimal packaging or in bulk.
  • Recycle all items that can be recycled (if you would like us to recycle something for you, please ask).
  • Compost or feed food scraps to the chickens.
  • Conserve energy where we can by turning off lights, heaters and other items that are not in use.
  • Garden organically and use environmentally friendly pest control in the gardens and in the inn.